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Purchase Super Brain at Amazon.com

Deepak Chopra and Rudolph E. Tanzi

Super Brain - Book Description excerpt from Amazon.com

Release date: November 6, 2012

Super Brain explains how it can be, by combining cutting-edge research and spiritual insights, demolishing the five most widespread myths about the brain that limit your potential, and then showing you methods to:

-Use your brain instead of letting it use you
-Create the ideal lifestyle for a healthy brain
-Reduce the risks of aging
-Promote happiness and well-being through the mind-body connection
-Access the enlightened brain, the gateway to freedom and bliss
-Overcome the most common challenges, such as memory loss, depression, anxiety, and obesity

Your brain is capable of incredible healing and constant reshaping. Through a new relationship with your brain you can transform your life. In Super Brain, Chopra and Tanzi guide you on a fascinating journey that envisions a leap in human evolution. The brain is not just the greatest gift that Nature has given us. It’s the gateway to an unlimited future that you can begin to live today.

Baird T. Spalding

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

An excerpt from a book review from Amazon.com

"In 1991 a book called "The Kybalion" and "Divine Pymander" came into my life and was a major puzzle in resolving the mystery of Life that revealed the laws and principles that enabled the Masters of the Himalayas to do the things they were able to do. My path in Life was forever changed because of the greater awareness that gave me mental poise and a firm direction in Life. For the first time was I able to live in the now and not be swayed by misinformation, skepticism, or even the malicious conduct of other people. I am not affected by political opinion. I can read and understand between the lines. Yet, I am able to maintain a flexible mind and not have to defend my opinions. My past was left to history and I was looking forward to the new teachings of Spirit. I am experiencing true freedom for the first time.

Why am I writing all this? It is not in the reading of books that a person will benefit, but what a person will do with it. Some people will read and life goes on in the usual manner, while others will take it to their heart and increase their Spiritual Knowledge and acquire true freedom and they experience true Spiritual development. They become changed persons. To the skeptic and "defender of opinions," Life will always be a mystery and they will always be stuck in their mundane world of materialism as a self made person and continue the struggle in their unawareness.

"LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST" will give a person a reason to look into the greater realms of reality and if they will but "look," the answers will be surprising and refreshing. Scientific evidence and verification of these things is not possible at the moment because it has not completely unfolded in their field of awareness. However, science has made tremendous progress in revealing the structure of the Universe, which to the Spiritual aware person indicates that our "material" world as we are able to perceive it, is not as "material" as we think it is. In this view, we can understand why the Masters of the Himalayas travel effortlessly through the "invisible." They used a higher LAW that that for the most part escapes the collective race consciousness...." J. R. Seydel

Click here to read more reviews and purchase this great series of books on sale now!

About Adyashanti

Adyashanti, author of Falling into Grace, True Meditation, and The End of Your World, is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.

Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology. “The Truth I point to is not confined within any religious point of view, belief system, or doctrine, but is open to all and found within all.”

Based in California, Adyashanti lives with his wife, Mukti, Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. He teaches throughout North America and Europe, offering satsangs, weekend intensives, silent retreats, and a live internet radio broadcast.

“Adyashanti” means primordial peace.

Open Gate Sangha is a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to support the teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti. The organization hosts events throughout the United States and in Europe, publishes books, CDs, and DVDs, and provides access to the teachings online. Open Gate Sangha is run by a small staff and is supported by volunteers who form the heart of the community.

Adyashanti’s nondual teachings have been compared to those of the early Zen masters and Advaita Vedanta sages. Expressing both the infinite possibilities and the ordinary simplicity of a spiritually realized life, Adyashanti’s teachings are directed to those who are sincerely called to awaken to their true nature and embody this life-changing realization.

Click here to visit his website Adyashanti.org

I saw this on the news and decided I had to share it here on this website as he is a great role model for this new generation of Conscious Co-Creators!

Param Jaggi - 17yo

as featured in


30 Under 30: Energy

Algae-Mobile 3

Param Jaggi is a Student, Inventor, and Entrepreneur.

He began researching in the field of environmental and energy technologies at the age of 13. Since then, he has innovated bio-fuel preparation, designed highly effective bioreactors, created a device that mitigates motor vehicle emissions, and many more. He has been recognized by Popular Science, EPA, Intel, Nominated for 'Texan of the Year', and was even included in Forbes Magazine's '30 Under 30: Energy'. Param is the Founder & CEO at EcoViate with the vision to change the world through innovative energy & environmental designs.

Param Jaggi is now a Deviator, Innovator, and Ecoviator.

(Picture and Info from www.paramjaggi.com)

The younger generation is bringing in positive, healthy change!
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This section is for current articles that Spirit is guiding me to draw to your immediate attention at this time. They are the latest in the energy we are undergoing in this NOW moment and perhaps you will find very useful. If the information seems over your head, it might be! I started reading this material seven years ago but after a few weeks it started to make sense to me. Again, as with anything else in life, dismiss anything here that does not work for you. And as in the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page, I will feature Writings by other Conscious Authors (others are on the Writings page) that I receive by email subscription where the authors clearly state that they wish the information to be shared publicly, freely, with proper credit. I will always feature a hyperlink to the author's website. Otherwise, ENJOY!!!!

New Metatron Channel

2013 - The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you in a vector of Unconditional Love !

It is 2013 , and we assure you that there is a new sun dawning, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the coherent crystalline light of the magnificent New Earth. And we do mean magnificent.

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3d consciousness, the Earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. The savant among you realize this.

And so we speak on the Aquarian Shift...

The Aquarian Shift / Anthropocene Radiation

Your scientist are aware of a unique phase of the earth in which most of your present biological life emerged. It is called the Cambrian Radiation. The Cambrian phase was one of great plasmic influx onto your earth, and it brought new life forms to your planet. Darwin, the renowned evolutionist, admitted that the Cambrian Radiation was the most valid argument against his theory of evolution. ( Darwin, the renowned evolutionist, admitted that the Cambrian Radiation was the most valid argument against his theory of evolution.)

This is also happening now. The current solar radiation became turbo-charged in 1989 and will continue. Incredible numbers of coronal mass ejections bombarded the earth with unimaginable radiation, ions and electrons.

The ionic radiation will absolutely up-shift your biology, change your DNA. You will become less dense.

The primary source of new energy on the earth is the massive injection of cosmic radiation on the planet from solar winds. We will term this the Aquarian Shift, although the channel prefers geologic vernacular , referring to it as the'Anthropocene Radiation'.

The Root Catalyst

The Cosmic ionization of the 'Aquarian Radiation' while perplexing to you, is the engine of change, and plays a requisite and benevolent role in the transition of the Ascension. It is not to be feared.

The radiation has done far more than rattle your magnetosphere and influence the tectonics and weather of the Earth. But we will add that it is this ionic penetration which is the absolute core catalyst for weather change, super-storms, earthquakes and the root cause of global warming.

Many of your conspiracy theorists may wish to place the cause of weather shift on humanity. We tell you it is simply not the case. Billions of tons of plasma has been bombarding the earth in the past 2+ decades, far more than any time in recorded history. To think the changes on the planet are caused by the relatively small atmospheric heater called HAARP is illogical. The technology to do so is simply not there. It is Solar Plasma ! It has shifted your earth and its biology previously, in that era termed the Cambrian Radiation.

We tell you that the ionic inrush is also going to affect your biology. It is the catalyst that will shift you from carbon base to silicon base beings.

DNA & New Life Forms

The Aquarian Shift, or Anthropocene Radiation will bring about new life just as radiation did so in the Cambrian Radiation some 580 million years ago.

What is occurring is not unprecedented, although it is unrecorded and not as yet understood. What differentiates the current radiation influx is that it is now in symbiotic relationship to the Crystalline (Ascension) Grid. (Windows 2012 !)

Higher dimensional life forms are becoming visible. These are new to the earth only in terms of being more 'tangible'. .. but they have been referenced in some of your religious texts. Ancient scribes have written in several of your sacred ideologies that life occurred in 3 formats: As clay ( Earth biology) , fire (devic electrical) and light (angelic) .

Within the synergy of the Aquarian -Cosmic Radiation and the Crystalline 144 Grid, parallel dimensions are now more accessible to you. The life forms, the beings referred to, exist in these dimensions as bio-plasmic, electrical and photonic. Does your bible not refer to Angels as Beings of Light ?

Certain of the orbs, lightning sprites, elves and photonic 'jellyfish' phenomena that began quickening in the past years are in fact conscious life forms of other dimensions and construct. Some of these have communicated to you in various means, including crop-circles.

The more advanced extra terrestrials are nonphysical light beings.

The Radiation Influx & Genesis

Two years after the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, a massive magnetic storm bombarded the Earth with billions of tons of charged plasma.

Your scientists and geophysicists have noted the effect. They recorded over 200 solar flares in 36 Coronal Mass ejections over a 2 week period. Eleven of these were X-Class. The Earths Aura, the magnetosphere was flattened to half its normal size, appearing something like a plasmic jellyfish.

The great magnetic storm created havoc. NASA lost track of space objects they were tracking, sophisticated computer systems crashed, oil platforms stopped drilling, global positioning systems failed, compasses failed, electrical grids shorted out leaving millions of people in Canada and North America without power. The MIR space station was abandoned.

This influx continued. The largest flare ever recorded to date took place in 2001, followed by 150 storms in 2003. More X-Class flares have taken place in the past 2 decades than at any other time in recorded history.

Unusual light phenomena began to occur. Rare red auroras were noted, auroras became visible during daylight, interesting phenomena of lightning called jellyfish, sprites and elves were reported more often than ever before. Crop circles evolved into far more complex designs, easily differentiated from the purported 'manmade' constructs.

The 6:1 Ratio Opens the Pineal

The astonishing ionic influx is symbiotic with the dimensional shift, and works in synergy with the Crystalline Grid. The new ionic resonance will allow you to more easily open the pineal.

Your academics have been aware for some time that shifting the magnetics of the ionic ratio has a powerful effect on human consciousness. The French scientist, Mesmer, was the first to stumble across this knowledge. He found that by placing subjects in a strong anionic (magnetic) field, the subjects were able to achieve incredible states of consciousness which facilitate communication with the 'Universal Mind'. We tell you this was done by ionic induction that opened the pineal.

Your indigenous societies often were attracted to areas they termed 'Holy Ground' specifically because they discovered visions could occur more easily in certain powersites. The reason is the mineralogy and telluric energies in these rare and special locales create an ionic ratio that is different, and allows for the opening of the pineal.

In recent studies, some of your researchers in universities have discovered that by using ion generators to shift the ratio of anionic to cationic to 6:1 , test subjects have 'out of body' experiences. Again the induction opened the pineal.

Ratio & Theta Creation

The bombardment of anions onto your planet is shifting the ratio in the same way, and this is working with and through the Crystalline Grid to allow the shift in your consciousness and indeed your biology.Your scientists and biologists are becoming increasingly aware of this. The recent 'Human Genome' project contends that that human DNA will alter/mutate according to not only environmental conditions but also belief cultural 'programs'.

Last year an utterly astonishing experiment took place that has shaken main stream science. It is opening new levels of potential, and it was conducted by a main stream academic, a Nobel Prize recipient, Dr Luc Montagnier. Two hermetically sealed test tubes, one of which contained a tiny piece of DNA, the other pure sterilized distilled water were placed side by side. Both were surrounded by an electromagnetic field of 7Hz. In the test a fragment of the DNA appeared to teleport, spontaneously form in the tube of the distilled water. The test was repeated without projecting the 7 Hz field, and the 'teleportation did not take place.

What does this mean? It means that the codes of life are coded in the 'Unified Harmonic Field' and can create life within a theta coherent vibration.

Take note of this. Study the nuances of theta and delta vibratory rates ! It is very important to note that creation occurs in coherent theta field.

The objective world you see has ever been the end result of consciousness. But up until the present, it has been projected haphazardly; for humanity has not recognized nor mastered their divine potentials. Thoughts and images can indeed be utilized for the creation of a 'New World', a world of Peace, Harmony & Love. 'Coherent Theta', crystalline resonant thought, can be harmonically utilized to form physical reality and become physical fact. Your Ascension, that of humanity can be propelled mentally into manifestation from a frequencial state termed theta-coherency.

Exploring Theta Coherency

Humanity in the present culture has placed great importance on the consciousness state of the 'Beta Frequency'. It is now time to begin exploring other states of mind. It is time to utilize the theta state for co creation of your reality. The Aquarian Radiation is the mechanism and indeed the result of the Planetary Ascension. It will offer to humanity the tools for the Ascension of Mankind.

The benevolent mechanism of what has taken place, and what will continue to occur, especially through 2013 solar maximum, is the massive injection of Cosmic Plasma into and onto the Earth. Billions of tons of ionic energy has been projected into your plane, and it is an incredible energy.

Your astrophysicists are now aware of collective jet streams of plasma that have begun in recent years to circle the Earth. This plasma is not only changing the ionic ratio, it is doing so in the theta coherent field. Theta is the doorway to divine creativity. Standing waves, standing pools of coherent theta energy are now being drawn to specific nodes on the planet. These can be utilized for 'creation centers', as the need for Spiritual Warriors to meditate in groups toward the manifestation of a harmonic planet becomes more viable !

Your planet has always been charged body orbiting in a plasmic field. The recent influx of solar radiation is exponentially increasing the influence and interaction of this radiation with both the earth and humanity. You academics now have scientific data to take a deeper look into Earth and Cosmic changes occurring, and reconsider their extent and their role . We tell you that not only do these changes have an impact on virtually the entire volume of the Earth, from its core to the atmosphere and magnetosphere. But it does not stop there, the ionic shift changes frequencies at which humanity's minds operate. They provide the interface to higher dimensional access.

How does this work? The energy that comes from the coronal mass ejections is being absorbed into the tectonic plates of the earth and increasing the vibratory resonance of the earth through that method. These work uniquely with certain power points and sacred sites, particularly those of geometric crystalline overlay. These changes from Cosmic radiation move through the entire node systems of the earth. If the plasma from coronal mass ejections create such a vibration, then the entire electromagnetic flow of the earth is affected. The collective mind & paradigm of humanity is also affected, how humanity creates the reality in which it lives as well as the credibility of the verisimilitude it believes. All of this is affected by that which comes from the sun, that which comes from the solar wind.

Closing of Part One:

Effects of the Plasmic Shift:

* Changing ionic ratio which will allow for easier access into coherent theta state

* Allows for easier opening of the pineal

* The tool for creative harmony manifestation

* Catalyst for shifting DNA and Biological Transition to Silicon Crystalline Biology (Quartz is silicon dioxide)

In Correlation with the Crystalline Grid the Plasma Shift:

* Assists in the expansion of the planet into 12 dimensions

* Allows for greater access into multidimensionality ( Photonic & Plasmic Life)

* Key role in requisite earth-changes

* Coherency acceleration

* Key role in formation of the New Firmament

* Enhanced Vibrancy of Powernodes, Vortexial Portal Sites

* Ability of Humanity to co create the New Earth

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity has made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3d consciousness, the Earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. So it is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth, that the planet is now in Year ONE of the New Earth.

Indeed humanity will follow and in rapid time, will also Ascend. You are absolutely on track for that to happen.

In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy. So your roles take on a new benevolence, as your creation powers increase.

Many humans on the path of light contend that everything happens for reason. This is oft extrapolated to 'everything that happens is meant to happen....that all is as it should be.'

We tell you that from the higher stance, everything does lead to greater understanding, but the 'University of Earth' is purposed for learning responsible creativity. The leading professor is the doctor of 'cause and effect', and this doctor makes house calls.

If everything happened in the highest order on the first 'go-round' there would be no need for the learning and growth cycle of reincarnation. So there is indeed a learning curve and apprenticeship that allows for repeating the process. Humanity will continue to take the course until responsible creation is mastered.

Not every action, not every decision passes the test.

Your new matrix of 2013 and beyond offers a more concentrated matriculation criteria for humanity. In this advanced regimen more action is required for graduation.

It is now the time for focal co-creation. We tell you that individual and group coherent thought can and will change the reality of your planet. But you must understand that the most potent, most effective creative manifestation does not occur in 3-d brain, but in the theta frequency of higher dimensional mind.

There are so many things that you realize must be changed. So many mindsets are still focused in the erroneous trappings of the 3-d plane, including greed, man's inhumanity to fellow beings, and the seeking of power over love. In 2013 you can begin to unite and create a harmonic earth. Effort is needed, the clarion calls !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You Are Beloved.

....And so it is...And it is So.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this Message - Coming Soon !

If you wish to receive future Earth-Keeper Newseltters, click the button below.

© 2012 James Tyberonn All Rights Reserved www.Earth-Keeper.comThis Metatron message may be published online as long as you you do not charge for it, do not alter , abridge or edit it any way, credit the website, author and include this entire copyright notice . It may be posted on Utube or printed in magazines with expressed permission. from Earth-Keeper Admin. For authorization contact Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com

Cosmic Weather Report

SPECIAL IN-DEPTH 2013 New Year's Report:

Shedding Everything But Love in the Year of the Snake

January 2013

Westminster West, VT

The much-predicted Winter Solstice of 2012 has come and gone, and in spirit circles around the world people are asking themselves what, if anything, has changed. On the surface most things appear to be the same. Earth still turns around its axis and around the sun. The stars still sweep across the night sky. Rain falls, rivers run and life goes on.

But beneath the appearance of things a new feeling is in the air and new energies rise. The world is humming with possibility. Change is immanent. A new year is upon us and a new world is thrumming beneath the surface of the old.

The best way to decipher the meaning of a year is to combine its Oriental Animal with its numerology. After the Oriental New Year occurs on the 10th of February, 2013 is a 6 Snake Year. The 6 = Task and Obligation, leading to Right Livelihood. The Snake has to do with shedding outmoded forms that have run their course, and undergoing the radical transformation necessary to emerge from the old. As you shed everything in the way of right livelihood, and awaken to the great love within, remember that no barrier can block the creative dream of your soul.

However, the old forms are not easy to shed. Even when obsolete, they bite hard into world consciousness, poisoning the future. They become a dead skin shrinking our muscles, crinkling around the eyeballs, blocking our ability to envision a bright future. This dead skin has to get hooked on something abrasive to anchor it while our newborn selves wriggle free, the way a snake hooks dead skin on a cactus to wriggle free.

The path of evolution this year is neither straightforward nor backward, but winding around, spiraling, serpentine. Like a celestial DNA double helix, the trail leads up and down and around, spiraling through many turns as we push away the old and bring on the new. Sometimes you will seem to be regressing. Many incidents will unfold on the world stage that will cause you to shake your head and wonder at the stupidity of the species - but that drama can be seen as the dead skin that needs to be released, rather than the true course of the future.

Seen in this light, the thorny dilemmas of the year are cactus barbs that provide the opportunity for you to hook old behavior patterns that you haven't been able to shed, and wriggle free, especially patterns regarding task, work, service, profession, love and sex. The snake's intense desire for change will push evolution forward as the old skin ruptures and peels away. The snake's intense sexual energies will be on the rise.

The way you use your desire, the things you give your power to, and the places where, like a snake, you've become hypnotized by dancing to the false tune of masters of illusion - these form the inner snake path through the year. As the repressed life force of the world -- kundalini (coiled serpent power) -- uncoils and releases, it will surge through the world body from your head to your spine, as many others across the planet shed their skin and awaken from the mass deception of the modern age.

Hot flashes will expand beyond the province of menopausal women and burst out where you least expect it. This outpouring of life force is needed to initiate tens of thousands of people into the fact that we are all cosmic beings choosing an earthly experience. We all come from spirit in order to bring the full force of our soul into the world. Though encased in physical bodies our consciousness is free to soar beyond. Our living energies are unlimited. This onrushing life force will empower you to return from darkness, dysfunction and defeats and emerge newborn ready to find something to love and care about and believe in. As the dark gets darker and the bright gets brighter on the world stage, symptoms of nausea and vertigo may be less caused by diet, and more due to these kundalini rushes needed to slough off the old dead skin encasing our species.

Being a 6 year, connected to task, the main tasks of 2013 will be to find a way to serve others that serves your inner truth, and to find a passion that bites deeper than the toxic venom of unjust love. The task of the snake is to use its power wisely, rather than in the service of false gods. Old thought forms about the futility of existence, old scenes flashing across movie screens of collective consciousness via newspapers and Internet images must be looked at with special vision to find the hidden truth beneath.

When snakes shed they go temporarily blind, and this is a sign that we need x-ray vision this year to perceive the inner nature of things below the surface. On the surface the chaos of recent years will exacerbate. Floods, famines, hurricanes and earthquakes will mimic the inner turmoil of a species shedding its skin. But down below world changes, social blindness and false power of governments who have lost their way, change will come, spearheaded by a coalition of young and old. Those of us who championed transformation in the 1960s will be assisted by the fresh energies and new ideas of a younger generation unwilling to perpetuate the old.

With such strong accent on task and transformation, the rawness of clashing forces may blind you. You will feel exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy of external forces. You may lose faith and fail to find method in the madness, but such feelings always accompany the coming of a whole new age.

The past we are being asked to leave behind suffers from lack of love. The generation now dying off suffers from lack of vision. The forces of world government, media and "education" became locked into a suicidal plunge that can only be turned around with the intensity of many growing pains.

The pattern we are shedding is the pattern of having forced ourselves to fit into a broken system. To make the world work we stuffed our truth, damaging our gut instincts, creating illness and distortion. Since the 1970s this disease has grown epidemic, until normalcy itself became a severely twisted version of reality. When you feel poisoned by this venom, dig down into the great love packed into your soul. Let the sheer abrasiveness of world drama slough off your former nature and open your inner vision to the interconnectedness of all things.

To shed everything but love means your commitment will be put to the test. Darkness will vie with light for supremacy on the world stage. The power you've been given as a soul manifesting in human form during the greatest change of the ages was not given to you lightly or accidentally. It is no error of the gods that you find yourself here. The force that sent you here is the same creative force that created the universe, and it can remake the world if enough of us awaken to the power that we have to change things.

The task this year is to love the hell out of yourself, to turn the truth of your innermost heart into the beacon light you steer by. To rise up from the chaos of a dying world, peel the old skin off and at long last discover what you're made of.

Right Livelihood means you're here to do so much more than pay bills, and that no barrier can block the unleashed creative dream of your soul. For when the world serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence.

The Last Snake Year: 2001

The last Snake year occurred when the Twin Towers fell and our country shed isolation and innocence. That event was manipulated by government to dismantle the Constitution. Our administration is now committing legalized murder through wars, drones, torture and assassination. Previous administrations did this on the sly, but the current one is doing it in plain view.

In the Snake Year prior to 2001 we had the great California earthquake of 1989, which shredded false values from thousands of people, and catalyzed a deep search for spirit. The hidden gift of crisis is that it shows you what you can do without. As the earth shakes and the towers of our own time crumble -megoliths of corporate control that have seized the soul of our country -- we have the ability to let go of what we no longer need and get to the heart and soul of the matter.


The key astrological events of the year are the Uranus-Pluto squares of May and November, which are part of seven squares these outer planets form between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015. In this three-year period our species is given a tunnel of crisis and transformation, designed to snap us out of trance, and propel us into a world based on love more than fear, and diversity rather than monomania. The idea that the rich and powerful people in charge of the world must be obeyed is one of the main things we're shedding. In the springtime of the year, around the May Square, who you love and how you love will provide the tunnel of initiation. In the autumn, near the November Square, old wounds and dark karma from the past will bite, in order to heal the part of you that got caught repeating the deadly old pattern. The nature of karma is that you can't transmute the past until you create some new version of the thing that went wrong, and this time awaken to more choice in the matter.

During the winding snake path of the year it will be best to remember that the toxic venom of a snake contains its own cure. During this three-year period of squares we will be given the most extraordinary ability to put the world back on track. The power that you have to join this project is simple: Just remember you're part of a binary system. At every moment you can choose love over fear.

Aries: Despite your timidity and confusion you are a spiritual warrior who needs to choose your battles wisely rather than exhaust yourself fighting everything. Spiritual Warriors are distinguished from other kinds by claiming the great truth that you are your own greatest opponent and ally. Once you work out your inner turmoil nothing will stand in your way. Those people who shut you down are simply reminders of the part of you that has been blocking yourself. Once you vanquish your inner opponents the outer ones will be easier to deal with.

Taurus: As a child you possessed the greatest gift of all, which is the truth of your fierce independent love for existence. Poet John Keats referred to this when he said, "I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the truth of the imagination. What the imagination perceives as beauty must be true even if it never before existed." If, in the service of growing up, you left that truth behind this is the year to reclaim it and come home to yourself again - your beauty inspires many.

Gemini: You've heard it all before and you're going to hear it again: life is no random sequence of events, but a dance of opportunity, both improvisational and choreographed. The choreography is by spirit; the improvisation is up to you. When the way ahead is blocked, you got bogged down in someone else's dream. You took limitation seriously. You forgot the power of the awakened soul. But even blockage is not somehow outside the grand choreography of the gods. It's just there to cause you to dig deeper into what you really believe before streaming back into the service that is active love.

Cancer: Your secret super power is knowing the hidden code of how things work. Everything belongs to everything else. All things have a home. Nothing is an orphan. The mother and father of all your striving is the great love that poured you into the universe. The same places you got lost in will reveal the meaning of all things, once you find your kinship in it. Your place in cosmos and earth is assured, but all your questions have the benefit of helping you test the system, so you can learn to be productive in ways that flourish the soul. You're much more of a leader than you thought. This becomes apparent as soon as you recognize the paradox that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength.

Leo: When your deeper passion combines with that truth you've been holding back, the ecstatic joy of childhood will return even stronger, and combine with the wisdom of your experience. Your heart is a knowing organ as well as a feeling one, and everything out there will line up for you once you listen to its wisdom. Take the best of what you learned from others, and the truth of what you know inside, and follow that path with the innocent wisdom of the child.

Virgo: Your purpose is to combine the truth of intuition with the canny insights of observations. Adjusting this blend will be the work of your life. At any stage you only need to be responsible for one phase - you're not supposed to have it all perfected. This means you will often get tipsy by placing too little emphasis on your intuition, and then tip over to the other side by placing too little on what you observe. Those stumblings are there to help you find the clear path through the middle. You are more capable than you know, and have more assistance than you think.

Libra: A wave of change was set in motion before you were born. It powered your soul out of the bliss of oneness into the pumping madness of incarnation. The endless list of things to be put right drives you crazy, but everything becomes clearer once you realize you are a co-creator of the universe. The part of you that's God sent you here. The part of you that's mortal stumbles around trying to figure it all out. When your crazy dreams align with the even crazier dreams of the universe, the cosmic joke will be revealed to you that everything is perfect.

Scorpio: You've been a stranger in a strange land because nothing but love makes sense and you're the only one who seems to know it. People around you get sidetracked by so many other things, but your magnificent obsession must be to follow the truth of your heart to the end of time. Your awkwardness is small price to pay in return for the ability to light up the world.

Sagittarius: You're a sneaky genius who dimmed your light to avoid blinding others. This raises the question of what you're here for - to keep them happy, or move mountains. Life is a matter of what you say yes to, and a really impeccable NO erects a sacred circle, within which a thousand yeses can be born.

Capricorn: Every lost dream and unresolved argument has spiraled you down and around the self-judgment of your own imperfection. Let's get this over with once and for all - YOU'RE NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE. YOU'RE NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE. YOU'RE NOT PERFECT AND DON'T HAVE TO BE, because you are so much more real than that. You came here to be the magical, outrageous, horny, half-crazy goat-person whose pan pipes lead the world to a high point.

Aquarius: You are a gloriously cracked misfit who can't do things right because doing things "right" is cracking the world apart. It's not that you now have to spend your time doing things wrong, it's just that every king needs a fool to show him the way, and every George needs a Gracie to make the world cry with laughter.

Pisces: You're being stalked by a murky figure that turns out to be your own past life which left something undone. This is no moral judgment on your imperfection. It's a reminder that your soul chose to enter this karmic theater in order to gain compassion for those who suffer while rising to the fullness of how wonderful you are. The truth you're on the verge of is that the world needs you much more than you will ever need the world, but it needs you to be just the way you are -- only much more so.


Mark Borax

Soul Level Astrologer

Please share this information as far as possible. Anyone wishing to sign up, please do so through my website: www.markborax.com.

Message from The Sirian High Council

December 18-19, 2012


Patricia Cori


“Children of Gaia, please receive this message of love and the divine embrace of your extended family of Light in this glorious hour of celestial celebration. We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.

We wish to speak to you today in reference to the power of observation of any given event—the quantum effect—and your involvement in the texture and quality of its manifestation into multidimensional constructs that reflect your world, your lives, and your “future.” But first, let us respond to your calls for help and assistance from our realms in the unfolding theater of Earth’s tumultuous transference into its new measure … as Gaia carries you all into the next cycle.

We hear your implorations, searching the outer realms of your imagination—the multiverse—to know if we are listening to what goes on about you. You are waiting—patiently at times, anxiously at others—to hear an answer. Your antiquated sciences, now usurped by enlightened new visionaries, have taught that sound cannot traverse the vacuum of space and so may you wonder: “Can Sirian light beings hear the turmoil that rises from earth’s surface plane – explosive and raging? Ever vigilant guardians of Gaia, are they watching, as our world rattles and shakes its way into the new? Can they hear us calling out to our brothers and sisters beyond? Are they still there, overseeing the worrisome events tearing at the fiber of the human spirit – the very Earth herself?”

Know that no vacuum or void exists that love’s song cannot traverse and trust that there is no limitation in the universe of infinite light and sacred darkness, other than your own perceptive capacity and, for some, an unwillingness to look beyond what is served up as food for your collective. Your reaching out breaks through all barriers, touching our hearts, as the symphony of your souls plays to ours. The cacophony of the industrialized, militarized Earth penetrates the matrix of physical space; the music of Gaia’s song and of your own sweet refrains reaches us. We are here, so much closer than you can imagine, just a breath away from you, but such conceptual ‘distances’ still elude you. They are not related to spatial definitions as you know them. Yes, we are still here, we resonate to this vibratory signature. Be still, and feel our light surround you, as we hold the goddess Gaia in our embrace: reassuring, nurturing, loving the mother as she has, in turned, loved her young – and, so doing, we love you beyond measure.

We wish to reassure you that we of the Sirian High Council and others, with whom we are aligned and harmoniously in service, are particularly focused on earth affairs at this hour. The realms of conscious beings observing your sun’s acceleration, and the evolutionary pace of all cosmic deities in transition in your solar logos, are all taking part in Ra’s extraordinary process, in ways we would like to describe to you, so that you understand how it mirrors your own process, as residents and caretakers of Planet Earth. Let this be a first in a series of messages to come.

All planetary deities in your system are experiencing great alterations in their physical composition, as well you can imagine. Despite the veils of secrecy that have been held up as screens, separating you from your neighbors, you are clear now that you have family out there sharing space with Earth: a family going through its own galactic rehearsal for the shifting, transmutation energies of Ra, the star you all share and worship. None of these celestial beings, however, is struggling in the way that Gaia struggles. Hers is an entirely unique situation, with the battle of darkness and light waging war against her great landscapes, her bountiful oceans, and all the living beings that have been privileged to be birthed in her gardens. Every attempt is being made, every guise and untruth being told, to destroy and deface her, so that her fields no longer resonate to the brilliance but rather, to the desperate gloom of hopeless despair.

That is the desired frequency of those who believe they own her; that is the infinite intention of those who wish to destroy you to move you out of their way. Lower the vibration of Gaia to such a point that the lone orphan, planet Nebiru will find resonance point and manage to be pulled through the ascension cords of Ra along with you. For the desperate beings of Nebiru, and their warrior Annunaki lords, too much love, too much light emanating from Gaia means they cannot catch the ride. They don’t resonate to love, because love is all but forgotten in the Nebiruan collective.

Rather, they are attuned to fear of their total extinction – something so unbearably immense that it shadows the heart and it has driven the collective body entrapped there into pure survival mind. That is understandable, if you can imagine their plight with detachment and, possibly, with compassion. Survival mind is how more and more living beings in the earth reference are now beginning to perceive their own existence so, in very pertinent ways, they are their teachers.

On the other hand, as the Annunaki stir their inky cauldrons with such darkness, evoking so much fear within the global populace, they are aware that they must be very careful not to take the entire planet down, or neither Nebiru nor Gaia will make it through the ascension of Ra. They have already been expelled from one ascending star (Sirius C – Anu) and it is not their intention to have it happen anew. This is their last opportunity and they know it. The time has run out in many ways. Theirs is a dilemma – how to reach and sustain the perfect frequency to hold resonance with the earth and achieve the ultimate goal. Ascension.

Those of you who do not carry that “knowing” within you want so desperately to be told how this will play out – you long for answers to be shown to you from beyond without doubt, without question. But know this: Any explanation of the workings of the physical universe, the greater multidimensional cosmos, your cellular composition, the interaction between sentient beings, polar fields, light and darkness – anything that pretends to describe how things truly are and how they can be expected to evolve for you is inherently wrong at the onset – if it does not acknowledge and consider your own participation in the unfolding of creation.

No doctrine, prophecy, literary work, or law can define your reality, nor can it pre-determine any given manifestation. Despite appearances, it simply is not the true nature of the quantum field. No one can do that for you, nothing outside of you can, with certainty, create a desired outcome for you. How you react– how you bring the vibratory frequency of the information into your conscious experience… that, YES. That is what we wish address at this time, in the hours of great and turbulent change upon Planet Earth: woven through the collective consciousness, and laced within your individual spirit/soul essence.

Our emphasis in this and upcoming missives is to illustrate to you how you set up the mental/emotional/physical resonant frequency with any thought-driven phenomena emanating from an individual or an experience you believe is happening outside of you. You are learning how nothing that you can observe can possibly exist as separate from you because, in the observation of any experience, you are immediately interacting with the experience, altering its nature and influencing its outcome, just as it is influencing yours. It travels through the neural networks of your exquisite minds faster than the speed of light; it triggers response throughout the body electric; it vibrates through the waves of your emotional waters. It triggers a spontaneous reaction to occur throughout your multi-layered energy forms, which you know as your “mind, body and spirit,” but which we prefer to describe as the mental/emotional and physical spectra of consciousness.

Often, you disallow and refuse to even contemplate anything that you judge to be outside of your perception of pure, loving energy because you are convinced that the mere thought of anything disharmonious will bring you into resonance with it or ‘give power to it.’ And yet, the mere thought of resistance makes it yours, it adheres to you like iron to a magnet. Innately fearing the potential of even contemplating disharmonious aspects of your existence, creates the exact opposite effect – with significant force and energy.

It is for this reason that we have invited you, over and over again, to look at all aspects of the world that surrounds you (and through which you walk) and to do so without fear … but rather with a curious instinct, intent upon observing how things really work, how they appear to be, and how your own thoughts about them determine your state of existence.

That is a key to a future possibility that you will bring into manifestation and yet even so, you perpetually change the game by changing perspectives as the observer of phenomena – a player in the quantum field. Therefore, you surely must understand that although you long for clear directives and precision information to help you through the decisively difficult hours of this mighty transition in which you chose to incarnate, you still must remember that you are co-creating it as you go along, as you observe, as you react, as you move through it. Any one telling you how it is, how it was or how it can be denies you that quintessential right to claim your rightful place as part of all that is, all that has been and all that forever shall be.

The space-time continuum is not a fixed matrix–it is elastic, as it can be stretched to fit requirements of alternative realities to the one you are currently holding focus in. It can be condensed, slowing and distorting events so that it appears that nothing ever changes. Clearly, in light of the acceleration of your solar deity, the former is true of your current galactic environment – but we remind you that as co-creators of the multiverse, you have the ability to manage time individually, once you understand the power of your own abilities as observers of any given reality. Are we telling you that you can control time? No, for we do not believe in control. It is an exercise in futility. We are suggesting that you can direct time by placing your awareness on the vibratory essence of its progressive pace.

Consider: when you experience what you refer to as “déjà vu,” you are most likely popping into a simultaneous reality—a parallel Earth and a mirror of you—and in that framework the time illusion has been stretched so that you are moving faster there – you have already completed an action there. You have already done it there, and experienced it there where your consciousness has focused, for even a nanosecond, on holding resonance in that parallel reality. You pop back to this universal framework, the only one in which you believe you exist, and when the same event occurs seconds later, you feel like you’ve “been there” before. You have. You have been there in one of the many parallels in which you also reside and hold resonance. And you are still there, you exist there and it is your attention or observation of being there or in myriad other simultaneous realities that determines where you will tether your awareness of your own existence.

Here now is the pivotal message we bring for you to consider and ‘chew’ upon as an alternative to the daily bread of those who wish to control your minds and take what they want from the earth that sustains you.

With regard to the existential crisis that you may be experiencing through your deep concern regarding the events of your world, the solstice passage, Ra’s fiery explosions and all the factors that unsettle and shake you, know that you can create your own “time travel” vehicle to move you past this reference point, where you can already envision the New Earth. You can, through the skilled observation of other states of consciousness and the focus of that self that is fully operative in parallel universes, create a time transfer package that will shift you into a parallel Earth/parallel reality where what you anticipate has already occurred and you have already moved through it.

You are being facilitated at this time, particularly with the activation of your DNA, to be able to recognize how you can be walking through different worlds at different paces and that you can glean the information you need by putting your attention there. Imagine yourself on a racetrack, ten deep of alternate or parallels of you, where each version of you is running at a different speed. Each individual form of you is absorbed in the journey but is capable of observing the others, moving at different speeds, once its focuses is distracted from the forward impetus. Soon, the pace quickens or slows. The mere observing of the other breaks the focus and intention of the forward direction, and there is a tendency to reach resonance with the pace of the other.

We would be honored to assist you in taken a quantum leap forward to observe what lies ahead – to a parallel earth where you have already passed through it – and then bring you back so that you can ground yourselves in that knowing – that trust. If you wish to participate, we are here to assist you in preparing yourselves for such a time transfer package in the hours just ahead of you, precisely during the “violet hour” in the earth reference location of our instrument, Trydjya.*

You will need to take no food from the reading of this missive until the violet hour, you will have removed excess electromagnetic interference from your home, your body, your environments. You will be particularly facilitated if all electronic devices are completely unplugged, batteries detached, the home environmental wave frequencies deactivated. Let animals surround you with their extraordinary sensitivities – you will find many are refusing food in this time of transition. They are attuned to the galactic forces, far more than many of you because they are in their feeling, intuitive bodies at all times, where many human beings are in their mental bodies and have trouble escaping them. They are aware.

Your digestive system must be clear and unencumbered with the laborious process of that process – digestion – and ideally no dead substances in the body being processed. Drink water, elevated energetically through your prayers, thoughts and imprinting, so that your electromagnetic biological unit is at its most conductive energetically.

We are going to work with Gaia’s electromagnetic energy grid in a north-south alignment therefore you will be most receptive if you prepare to lie with your head facing north, feet south. At this time Earth’s north is the farthest away from the sun. Ra is aligned with Galactic Center, 6.57 degrees north. Sirius is directly aligned to the Giza Plateau, the portal for cosmic energies that pass through the body of Gaia.

We are setting our intention, for those of you who have attuned and created the environment through which to be involved, to create a momentary shift in the space-time continuum, expanding it, as we have described, long enough that you can experience that leap in consciousness where you can experience that parallel where you have already moved forward. From our perspective, we do know how to alter the space-time matrix; your military/scientific teams are working on that now as well. We are capable of stretching that elastic for a brief moment, but it will snap back – this will be only a brief vision of the landscape that lies ahead of you. We wish to gift you with this vision of tomorrow – the tomorrow that soon you will know as the no-time.

At the appointed hour we invite you to lie back, breathe in the heartbeat of Gaia, close your eyes, freeing yourself of the sensate world, and join us in opening a window through which your soul can soar higher.

Wherever you are, whatever you experience, enjoy the journey. And be fearless, always remembering that you are immortal beings, sparks of divinity, exploring the infinite artistry of Creation.”

—We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

©Patricia Cori

Credit: Patricia Cori www.sirianrevelations.net

*The Council is referring to 4:00 a.m. Central European time on the 21 December. Please adjust your time zones to coincide with this precise timing.

The Cosmic Window

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In this final message of the year we wish to address an energetic opportunity for the elevation of consciousness and the illumination of your mind, heart and body. We call this the Cosmic Window because it is an opening through which you can more easily transcend the perceived limitations of time and space.

The window we are speaking about in this message begins on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice) and continues for three days, through December 23, 2012. This Cosmic Window is visited twice every year during both the Winter and Summer Solstices.

As each year progresses various planetary and galactic alignments take place and “color” the window through which you can perceive your expanded nature. There are other cosmic windows as well.

Two of Earth’s most frequent cosmic windows occur just before sunrise and just after sunset. These two windows are dimensional portals through which you can peer more easily through the veils that separate the worlds. Shamans are well aware of these auspicious moments, but the Cosmic Window we are speaking about in this message has greater import, due to its alignment with the galactic core, the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in fact, a black hole.

This particular and rare alignment will result in a broadcasting of evolutionary energies throughout the galaxy. Your Earth is one of innumerable planets receiving this energy of upliftment.

As we view it, this cosmic alignment does not sound the end of your world, but it does herald a new beginning. How each of you deals with these catalytic evolutionary energies is a personal choice.

Indeed many individuals might experience these intense energies as an irritant. If you are not prepared mentally, emotionally and energetically to jump to higher levels within yourself, these energies can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

If, however, you are aligned with the movement upward you will be carried by these energies. They can open extraordinary vistas for you if you are open to them.

This three-day period is an ideal time to contemplate your life from the vantage point of expanded states of consciousness, to step outside your timeline to sense the patterns of your life and your personal history that have brought you to this point in time.

Do not shy away from those portions of your earthly experience that have been and perhaps are, difficult. There are treasures to be found in the shadows.

Indeed, it is from the shadows of your collective and personal history that new energies will be released. Our suggestion on how to enter into this window centers around the Aethos Sound Meditation.

We suggest you read a previous message entitled The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness to more fully understand the method. We suggest you work with the five-minute version of the sound meditation unless you are familiar and comfortable with the intense upwardly moving energetics of this catalytic sound piece in the longer version.

At various moments throughout this three-day period we suggest you set aside some time in which you will not be disturbed. Listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation with your focus of attention in your heart chakra, unless you have discovered that focusing in another chakra imparts more powerful experiences.

After listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation imagine in whatever way feels comfortable to you that some part of you floats up above your timeline. Imagine that this part of you can sense your entire history and perhaps the histories of previous lives as well.

Resting in this transcendent state of mind, contemplate the mysterious gift and burden of your embodied life.

If you stumble upon a “knotty” or difficult situation that brings you down from your transcendent state into the emotional cauldron of regret, anger, despair and/or hopelessness, pause and return to the Aethos Sound Meditation again and rise upward, as it were, upon it’s wings to your transcendent nature and contemplate again. For some of you this may take many cycles.

We suggest you undertake this as many times as you are comfortable with during this three-day period. If you can manage yourself through the art of patience we suggest you avoid the temptation to create outcomes until the last portion of this window, which will be in the evening of December 23. The more deeply you contemplate your life in the manner we have described the more powerful your creations will be.

In a previous Planetary Message entitled The Sphere of All Possibilities, we shared a method for manifesting positive outcomes in your life. We suggest reading this if you do not have a personal method for manifesting. Seeding new realities during the final phase of this Cosmic Window will greatly assist your creations.

Finally, we ask that in the final portions of the Cosmic Window, the evening of the 23rd, you add the powers of your consciousness toward a planetary outcome. Envision planetary cooperation and humanity’s collective recognition of life’s inter-connectedness as we described it in The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness.

The great vessel of humanity is poised to change direction. As the winds of change press against the sails of this metaphorical ship, do not be concerned as the ship lists as one side or the other presses against the waters of collective emotion.

The keel will keep your vessel safe. The keel is your human heart and whatever occurs around you, set your keel deep into the waters, and you will find safe passage.

The Hathors
December 4, 2012


Non-Duality and the Matrix of Creation

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to address the paradox of how you create positive outcomes that unfold in time and space from non-dual states of consciousness, which by their very nature transcend both time and space as you perceive them.

Non-dual states of consciousness, which we call the Mother of All Things (i.e., the Void), are the wellspring and the source of manifest reality. We have found that using non-dual states of consciousness as a springboard to create positive outcomes generates more masterful creations.

One of the paradoxes involved in the perception of non-dual states is the fact that you perceive these states via your nervous system, which is firmly rooted in duality. Indeed as you read these words, or hear them spoken, the bioelectric fluctuations in your brain and nervous system operate from a dualistic template.

As nerve impulses pass through your neurons, the minute biochemical and electrical events responsible for thought and mental/emotional impressions co-exist in a dynamic dualistic matrix. Yet non-duality, itself, exists outside the dualistic reality of your nervous system.

In functional terms you enter into an awareness of non-duality when your brain/mind enters a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness. In this unique trance state, there is a conduit, or shift in awareness, through which you can experience your own non-dual nature.

In more advanced states of consciousness you can operate in both relative sensory experience and non-dual experience simultaneously. In other words, you can experience the sensory world with its multiple complex duality at the same time you experience the deep calmness and centeredness of your non-dual nature.

But this is a very advanced brain skill and most people, as they approach this territory of the body and mind, tend to operate in one or the other. If you are already operating in an advanced state of consciousness and are able to operate in both duality (i.e., your embodied life) and non-duality (i.e., non-localized awareness), then you can skip over this next section and jump ahead to the section we will call “The Paradox of Creating.”

The Aethos

We introduced the Aethos in our previous message because the vibratory nature of the sound patterns in the Aethos Sound Meditation allow most individuals to access non-dual states of consciousness.

When you work with the Aethos Sound Meditation or make direct contact with the Aethos, it is important to understand that your consciousness and the Aethos oscillate at different frequency domains. For most persons, currently embodied, the Aethos is a very high level frequency, and as a result it can sometimes stimulate a clearing or purification of lower frequency emotional material. You simply have to learn to pace yourself with the Sound Meditation, which is why we suggest you work with the five-minute version until you clearly understand the passages through your own consciousness that the Aethos produces.

As you continue to work with the Aethos Sound Meditation it will eventually lead you into a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness in which you can catch glimpses of your own non-dual reality.

Then as you work with it further you will be able to remain in non-dual states of consciousness for longer sustained periods. When you have attained this level of mastery working with the Aethos directly and/or the Aethos Sound Meditation, you are ready to use it as a springboard into manifesting positive outcomes.

Your neuroscience views trance states differently than we do. For us not all trance states of consciousness are the same. Higher dimensional trance states are not simply expressions of brain function; they are an inherent human ability that allows you to enter a conduit that connects you to other aspects of your being, which are outside the constraints of perceived time and space.

In other words, when you enter a higher dimensional trance state, you functionally transcend aspects of neurological activity within your nervous system. While your brain/mind is still bound by the neurological realities of your nervous system, an aspect of your consciousness is no longer bound by these limitations. We call this the conduit, and in some ways it is a metaphor while in other ways it is an apt description, because it is much like a wormhole that connects you to vaster aspects of your nature.

When you listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation you are connecting with this conduit. One of the signs that you have entered this channel that leads outside time and space is the sensation of suspension. It is as if you are somehow separated from your sensory experiences and from your own mental and emotional processes—you are still aware of them, but you are not identified with them. While this is sometimes referred to as dissociation, in the context of higher vibrational energies, this state of mind leads you to the conduit, the channel through which you can enter into a more expanded sense of yourself that is transcendent to time and space.

Essentially, the task of creating positive outcomes involves stepping outside the box of perception, the limitations of belief that led you to conclude you are trapped in a linear flow of time.

This perception of time may be true for your physical body at your current level of evolution, but it is not true for your consciousness. All that needs to take place is for you to find the conduit, or the channel, that leads to an expanded state of awareness and being. From this standpoint, the Aethos Sound Meditation is a means to generate a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness, thereby giving you access to the conduit or the channel.

We suggest you work with the Aethos Sound Meditation in five-minute increments so that you can experience this trance state of consciousness for yourself. Entering into a trance state is a brain skill, and like all skills some individuals are more adept at it than others. However, all persons can develop this skill.

When you have certainty that you can enter into this trance state of consciousness, and when you know how to enter the conduit, you are ready for a deeper level of manifestation.

It is here at this threshold, between confined time and space and an expanded sense of yourself, transcendent to time and space, that the magic begins.

It is also here, at this threshold that an odd paradox appears.

The Paradox of Creating

You may have entered the threshold for the purposes of creating a specific outcome, but as you enter the more expanded states of your being the need to manifest specific outcomes becomes less urgent. Indeed, in the most expanded states of consciousness there is barely any volition at all to create anything. This is because in the most expanded states of your being you are in touch with your own nature, which is transcendent to all phenomena, and in this state of mind you have no need of anything.

The paradox is that you live in both realities—the transcendent reality of your own nature, which needs nothing and your embodied existence as a human being that may, indeed, need certain outcomes to occur.

It is here that another paradox appears. If you are able to create an outcome with true detachment, meaning from the fullest felt-sense of your transcendent nature, your most expanded sense of being, you will be more masterful at creating specific outcomes.

This is due to the fact that in expanded states of being you do not create tension. Tension creates lines of force that constrain your creations. And yet if it is something that you feel you truly need, there will naturally be tension around it. This is only human. But here is the rub and one of the secrets. Even if you are in dire need of something to occur in your life in your timeline, you will be more likely to experience it through the act of creating outcomes if you enter into the feeling that you need nothing to occur. This is a strange paradox indeed.

We realize that some of you reading this have attained a high level of self-awareness, and you may have already discovered the kernel of this truth, the heart of the matter regarding non-duality and the art of creating outcomes.

When you are in the center point of awareness (i.e., non-duality) there is wisdom in waiting before creating specific outcomes. We spoke about this in another context within a previous message we called Transition States of Consciousness.

In that message we were addressing what it is like to be in the Void after death and pointed out that many people become uncomfortable with waiting and rush out of the Void, or non-duality, into creating a new life, be it a physical life or an experience in another dimension.

We are speaking here to two very different experiences, yet strangely similar. After death, in the transition states, when you make contact with the Void, or non-duality, there are many choices. One option is to rush into a new life or a new manifestation, be it in the physical realm or some other realm of consciousness. Another option is to wait, remaining in the Void, or non-duality, to get an expanded sense of yourself before moving into a new cycle of existence.

There is a resonance between this after-death state and the state of needing an outcome to occur. We suggest that instead of rushing in to create new outcomes you learn how to enter through the conduit into the expanded states of your being and in these expanded states you contemplate, as it were, your desired outcome.

Don’t rush into manifesting but reside in this expanded state for a while. When you are in these expanded states of being you will perceive how your desired outcome holds itself in energetic relationship with unseen forces and the situations in your life where you wish the outcome to appear. In other words there is wisdom in passing through the conduit, into states of mind that transcend time and space, and in these expanded states you will have a deeper insight and understanding regarding what needs to occur in order for your desired outcome to emerge as a reality.

Another reason to enter the conduit and the expanded states of your being as a strategy for manifesting involves the polarity of opposites. Since your outcome will manifest in the world of duality it is subject to the principal of polarity. There is always a counter-force to any action that is taken and the more radical the change the more powerful the counter-force.

You can see this principal operating at all levels from the subatomic realms into personal creations, interactions with others and in social and cultural situations. If you enter into the expanded nature of your being that is transcendent to time and space and you reside there contemplating your desired outcome you will, as we said earlier, understand the energetic nature of your desired outcome and its relationship to the situations in your life where you wish the outcome to manifest.

Furthermore, you can contemplate the counter-reactions that will occur as your outcome moves into 3D reality. You will gain a greater insight and understanding about the consequences of bringing this desire into manifestation, and with this deeper insight you can, more gracefully, avoid the counter-forces that will arise around the manifestation of any outcome.

In our message The Sphere of All Possibilities, we presented a method for manifesting outcomes in your life and how you can draw to yourself forces and resources that reside outside your timeline.

In our last message, The Aethos and Non-Dual States of Consciousness, we discussed the resources of non-duality, and we disclosed how to enter into an awareness of non-duality using the Aethos as a bridge.

In this communication we are bridging the two messages together in order to create positive outcomes by using non-duality as your springboard. Therefore in order to make the greatest use of this information you need to read and understand the previous two messages. You should work with The Sphere of All Possibilities as it was described and work with The Aethos Sound Meditation as was suggested in The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. When you have accomplished these two tasks you are ready to apply the third force, which is the union of the two to produce a triune force.

Once you have learned how to engage the Sphere, and once you have learned how to enter the conduit that leads to expanded states of being through the Aethos Sound Meditation, you are ready for this level of creation.


©2012 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved www.tomkenyon.com

You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.

Birth of the New Sun: 12:12:12-12/21/12

by Lauren Gorgo

Before we get into the last 5D report of 2012…the Pleiadian High Council asks that we first join our energies together in prayer, and open with an invocation to consecrate this very sacred month:

“Blessed mother, giver of life…blessed father, creator of life…Source of all creation…we call to you in our moment of triumph to join us in prayer. Our intentions, our hearts, our minds, our physical vessels are pure. We bring forth from within the sacred code of ascension in honor of All That Is, in grace of All That Will Be. Mentor us, guide us, carry us forward…bestow upon us as we walk this New World afoot. We are your servants now and we join you, wholeHEARTedly in revelry.” -The Pleiadian High Council

Into ALL Time

So here we finally are…in the last month of the heralded year of 2012, boldly headed where no (hu)man has gone before. (Actually, I am told that no one in our universe has attempted or been successful at what we are pulling off: becoming an integrated light body in physical form!) Do you remember the first time you learned about our planetary ascension and how far away that date seemed??? I do. It was so far away that I absolutely refused to be-lie-ve that the torture that was my life could maintain itself for that long. It didn’t tho…it got much worse.

But this is IT…the grand finale. And even tho all the recent eclipses, solar activity, astrological alignments, & numeric gateways may have us feeling just awful enuf to barely care, the detachment that this intensity creates is actually a beautiful gift…it is helping us to effectively neutralize any remaining polarity within us, without getting stuck in the usual sticky (e)goo mess that always accompanies the 3D view. Today, tomorrow and into the new forever, we have absolutely nothing left to do but BE LOVE (aka, neutral).

...[section protected, to purchase full article see below]...

From the Pleiadian perspective, on 12/21 the sun will literally be reborn from what they call the “source of Source”…the moment when the sun begins its re-emergence from the galactic equator, which, according to the Mayans is the moment of our spiritual rebirth…when we (humanity) essentially bottom-out and begin to grow toward the light of the new sun. This is the turning point, both THE END and THE BEginning…the completion of a linear-evolving timeline and the BEginning of a quantum-evolving timeline.

After this incomprehensible moment in “time”, the (new) sun will be capable of transmitting the Universal LOVE (zero-point/Source) energy from the galactic core. The arrival of universal LOVE energy on our planet is what we have been working toward for so very long…it is the nectar, the elixir of creation…what the seven sisters have continually referred to as the energy of rebirth/renewal/resurrection/reincarnation/transfiguration, etc.

What we want most for each of you is to share in the experience of this transcendental LOVE…the kind of LOVE that liberates, that frees, that opens the door and ignites the spark of LOVE in all others. This is the whole point of the journey to real-ization, to become as authentically individual as you can BE, and to share that individuality while consciously connected to the collective wonder of the Oneness. -PHC

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Happy ReBirthday!

The next big (read: massive) moment for us, and in preparation for the 12/21 reboot, is a “reuniting” of sorts that will take place beginning with our (final for this century) triple numeric encodement on 12/12/12. The unseens call this milestone the “reconciliation of the soul/the reuniting of lost aspects” where we will be privy to parts of our soul, here in the physical world, that we have not had access to for many, many lifetimes…if at all.

On 12/12/12 there is a cosmic opening relative to your position along your personal ascension path. This opening is creating the energetic portal of transcendence. -PHC

This passageway and final activation marks the completion of the unity-crystalline grid structure, the intricate geometric pattern of light that will pulse the (13) energy of universal LOVE thru our physical and the earth body’s circulatory system. (Interestingly, Stephanie Azaria says that the day after the 12/12/12, on the 12/13 new moon…the end of what she calls the eclipse wormhole that began on 11/13…we will land in the Sagittarius portion of our consciousness which is delivering us to the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus!) In my last report I mentioned that Ophiuchus will be responsible for activating the physical gateway thru which the universal LOVE (unified) harmonic will be transmitted to the planet, upgrading humanity and all physical matter to the frequency of 13. All this coming together business is obviously no accident.

The PHC also elude to the fact that the triple 12 stargate is OUR big moment, whereas 12/21 is more of a planetary moment in that the 12:12:12 marks the true end of our initiation and the activation of Christ-consciousness…our personal gateway to unity thru the crystalline grid…in those prepared, thru the completion of our 12-strand DNA/12 chakra system.

(Our 13th strand, as discussed in the last report, serves as an overlighting energy that enables universal LOVE to weave throughout our existing 12 strand DNA system, impressing the original divine template upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies and imbuing every cell with the resurrected Christ (intelligence). In other words, the 13th strand of DNA is the governing intelligence which houses all information required to (physically) live in ascended mastery. The light-codes specific to this (ascension) frequential were activated on 11/13 and from what I understand will be in effect by 12/13 and integrated by 1/13)

The 12:12:12 portal (and its resulting light geometries) will not only open us all to the highest levels of realization and divine perfection, it is also one of specific, dynamic frequency attunement that will be responsible for the physical unification of spirit and matter that will result in the (re)uniting of mind, body and soul.

This attunement is not something that we will experience all on the same day, but rather in a succession as the final triple gate for our cosmic ascension activates and completes the codes required for our (3D) emancipation. It’s been impressed upon me that 12:12:12 is like the beginning of the end, the “start engines” moment before planetary lift-off which means the time between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 will be very significant in a building-to-crescendo-kind-of-way.

Now, we say all of this with great care for there are those reading this who will not experience transcendence thru this stargate. As we said previously, not everyone is in total command of the human experience as of yet. This gateway is merely the opening, the very beginning of a whole new human experience now possible for all, but for and by which many souls will and will not choose to embody, in their own time.

There will be other openings that will usher new waves of souls who have made the choice to experience LOVE as their guiding force, this is but the first of its kind. For those of you relatively new to the ascension path…those who have not made the first cut, so to speak…be not weary, rather inspired by what those before you have made possible for all. This is not a race, but an unfoldment, as those at the front of the parade were once at the back. The journey home is an individual, yet collective experience. You must become a whole individual before you can become a part of the One.

For those of you who are joining in the realms of Oneness, we say to you…happy re-birthday! You are graduating from spiritual adults to cosmic infants… (r)entering the world anew, as if for the first time. Your cosmic rebirth is the central axis point by which your new life will r-evolve, an expedition that will take you to the stars and beyond, in a very literal sense. These are your last moments to contemplate your journey to arrive here, to prepare yourselves for your final days as limited (3D) humans. From this point onward your collective rebirth into the Oneness shall be honored and celebrated on this very day…your cosmic rebirthday! -PHC

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Wishing each and every one of you a blessed and peaceful sacred (holi-day) season filled with nothing but LOVE. Well, and naps too. ♡ ♡ ♡

See you in the new earth! (like for realz this time)

ThinkWithYourHEART.com ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved. Permission granted to copy and redistribute The 5D Report’s FREE VERSION ONLY on the condition that the content remains complete, in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it’s distributed freely.

12:12:12 & the birth of unity consciousness

by Meredith Murphy www.ExpectWonderful.com

You are well prepared, trust yourself.

All that has led up to these alignments -- the 12:12:12 Stargate and the December Solstice -- has prepared you well for the unprecedented Infusions of Cosmic Love that will flood Earth during these holy days. Since you began to awaken and remember, you have been experiencing endings and beginnings, in cycle upon cycle within your own hearts and lives, all of which is preparing you for this huge Cosmic Completion & Re-birth.

It is the time of times and you are divinely positioned and primed to fulfill your intentions for this lifetime and for participating in the collective upliftment of reality on Earth.

Trust yourself knowing you will know what to do and how to receive what is given. Allow your full presence to concentrate upon each moment and be at peace.

Indications that limits are being shattered.

There are many indicators of your own expansion into greater wholeness. One of the signs of evolution many are experiencing now is the return of innocent dreams and saved up wishes, and this remembering may be accompanied with incredible grief. Many of you are feeling intense pressure, as though being squeezed, and exquisite agony as your awareness is expanded, and you see your prior limits and how you held yourself back from what would have given you joy.

Realize, dear ones, that as you're met with love, everything your heart has longed for arises with confidence and without hesitation. Your heart simply opens to love--it's natural.

You can only see your limits when you are beyond their influence.

These illusions are dissolving and as they are released we experience the grief from our un-realized joy and how we bought into the illusion. You can only see the limits you yourself have created when you are beyond their influence. What surfaces in this awareness is only releasing. These experiences are heart openings supported and created through the incredibly expanded presence of unconditional love in our experience. Our awareness, senses rightly, that the time is approaching resonance with our fuller expression.

Be gentle as you learn to claim your new freedom.

In readings lately and in my own life, Mother Mary has appeared in these times, encouraging us to be gentle and offering herself as an Ambassador of Freedom. She reminds us that we will want to acclimate to our new-found freedom gradually, realizing it is unfamiliar to us and our tendency might be to shut down and not let ourselves have it, for fear of it being crushed, destroyed, having what we love and finally receive taken away, or discovering that it is simply a mirage. All these fears and the skepticism created from our past experience will naturally dissolve in the company of this immense love. By knowing this, we can be gentle with ourselves and call upon our higher self and open our heart with the intention to learn to give ourselves permission to receive more.

Our heart knows we can trust life and that life on Earth has changed.

Our heart, in its infinite wisdom knows those fears are not true--thus its inherent willingness to open. Life and we, are changing.

Mother Mary also urges us to have the courage to come into deep unity with ourselves, cherishing these wishes and cherishing and loving ourselves in the way we used to be--limits and fears and all. This is part of the process of resolving duality, of creating a clean, clear ending in your relationship to duality as you shift into a higher dimensional expression.

Loving all versions of yourself is an ongoing experience.

You exist in an eternal continuum of expression. Learning to love all versions of you is your pathway home to the ultimate reunion with Source. This journey will continue for us in the New Earth. Learning to love ourselves in all iterations of our being is an empowering pathway of continual expansion.

As you re-visit your dreams and wishes allow yourself to feel where there is still hope and energy, and enjoy the experience as you spin them into visions once more. Allow the clarity that everything is Spirit to give you permission to dream as you wish. Give yourself permission to create everything you desire without judgement. Trust the way source flows through you and the way you are receiving the collective's intentions as inspiration. Rely upon the intelligent organizing powers of All-That-Is and be you! Embrace the new opportunities for joy that are showing themselves as your dreams re-surface. Celebrate that you have created this opportunity in collaboration with all your Earthly and heavenly family and that it is a gift for everyone.

What's being created during these alignments will be experienced as it can be received.

Self-love, self-respect and self-confidence are what resolve the veil between the old paradigm and the 5th dimension. Each of us grow in this capacity to experience unconditional love at our own pace. What is being created and completed during these alignments will be experienced as it can be received.

The energetic transmissions and transformation within our human, Earthly and galactic templates created through the 12:12:12 Stargate and the December Solstice create an entirely new playing field for human life on Earth. These new potentials and capacities will be received as they are vibrationally compatible with each person's energy structure. Each of us will move into Unity Consciousness when we have resolved our relationship with duality. It is important to allow ourselves to use the presence of increased light in our world and ourselves to assist us in surfacing what remains as attachment, as polarized perceptions and as illusion.

We can celebrate this return to the Galactic Center on the December Solstice and the Re-Birth of Earth in the 5th dimensional template, knowing that we each discover the fullness of this new beginning as we are resonant with its gifts energetically. It is a promise made manifest for all. Wherever we are in our own unfolding we can allow ourselves to receive as fully as possible, the gifts of this newness in every moment, and be inspired by all the beauty being grounded and claimed within ourselves and others. Unfolding our divine nature in human form will continue, and the mysteries and glory of this is ours to discover.

Honor the diversity of experiences throughout this month.

It's important in realizing all this to honor our unique experience of this time of times. Many of us will very much feel what is taking place on the powerful sacred days of alignment and notice how different our experience is because of these incredibly powerful transmissions of unconditional love. For those still learning to concentrate their presence in their own awareness, it may be harder to notice what is changing. Some may seem to not feel anything at all.

The energies will open us in ways we may not expect and this may feel intense and unfamiliar. In our wisdom we trust all of this and cultivate our own vibration. Peace of mind, heart-opened being in the now, and kindness to one another and to ourselves is a powerful choice of presence as we move through these high energy days of transformation and re-birth.

Our hearts open to love naturally.

We cannot help it and in fact, as many of us know, it takes energy to hold ourselves back. Our hearts open to love as a reflex. We are primed to open to love--it's our nature. Increasing transparency to ourselves is a given and this can also be challenging. With knowing, gentle hearts, we can turn our growing mastery with unconditional love upon all that we are and all we have been, recognizing the endless stream of expression that is our very nature. We can support one another in our new clarity and choose to see and embrace every other aspect of the Divine expressed in infinite blessings throughout our world. This unconditional love is our True Identity, the infinite knowing. In self-unity we become a pure, clear, perfect reflection of the One I AM.

The 12:12:12 completion is mirrored throughout our reality.

The Truth of the 12:12:12 Stargate is that the completion of the Earth Grid, the sun disc's final ignition, simultaneously takes place within us too--our own 12-strand DNA re-instating, our own 12-chakra system activating--and in the expanded specificity of our being.

We emerge into a freedom as potential in which we can move up and down within dimensions while on Earth--with vibrational resonance--and in the wholeness of this 12, we experience the 13th.

The 13th, the Unity of All, Cosmic Consciousness, the Christed Consciousness re-membered in humanity, the awareness of unconditional, divine love. This fully activated crystalline DNA allows us to access the living library of light which in and of itself, liberates access to our greater reality. This reality is created and as we are in resonance with it, we shift fully onto this time-line of light and love.

The 12-chakras are the literal Jacob's Ladder, the way that we move within our own Lightbody into resonance with different dimensions and the wholeness of this, the 13th, is the Universal Order, the Zero Point, the time of all time, of dynamic wholeness accessed through the living fields of light.

So with these alignments this month we will have access to un-definable waves of light, each of us accessing, integrating, receiving as we are able. These alignments are living fields of light, perpetuating throughout time and influencing all of creation.

In this auspicious time, we are each treasures. Perfectly placed, chosen to participate in this here and now because of our life experience, our devotion, our love and our desire to be here. Each of us perfectly opening to receive, situated as we are to facilitate the grounding of these energies, and participating in our own lives, as they are elevated, refined, opening and expanding into greater expressions of wholeness.

We will need to learn to live in this freedom.

As we learn to give ourselves permission to choose, wish, create, experience, our freedom expands. Permission or standards for experience are created throughout our Lightbody--by the capacity of our mind, our emotions and our physicality as well as our wholeness as Spirit flowing into our human energy system, to welcome and receive. We will need to learn to live in this freedom. By our intentions, our focus, the quality of love we exist as, we radiate standards for what we are available for and to receive.

Our integrated Lightbody will continue to evolve, for that is the nature of being. We emerge in newness and the game goes on!

We grow our capacity and our capacity grows. The alignments this month alter the resources we have access to and free us from the toxic influence of illusions and the lineage of de-activated capacity. The promise of wholeness will be made manifest.

Now the choice is fully ours. Moment to moment, we are met with the resources and frequency we choose and embody. The vibrational freedom of our world will be a manifest experience.

It is truly a new beginning, expansive in every way we allow it to be.

May we continue to embody our I AM Presence as we take command of our new human templates and together with our beautiful planet and All-That is, in joy, we commence the creation of a new way of being. One of peace. One made consciously of love.


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